Day 1 – So many questions….

Welcome to my blog to keep you up to date with ‘My Vegan Month’. In it I will cover why I’m doing this, my successes, my struggles and everything else along the way.

So today is day one, well I say day one, I decided to take on this challenge just over a month ago and have been researching and preparing so I was ready to start first thing this morning.

Why am I doing this? I like to do at least one big thing a year for a charity and it’s getting harder and harder to think up new ideas. At the beginning of the year and did a ‘go sober’ month and though quite successful in the fact I raised a good amount of money I didn’t feel the challenge really stretched me (though I do love a drink), taught me anything or made much of a change outwardly with friends and family.

A good friend went vegan a while ago and it interested me to find out more as I was vegetarian for 15yrs giving in to meat again at the age of 30. When I went vegetarian there was no Quorn to start with and very little of the options modern quick cook vegetarians have now days. When I went aboard I lived on bread, chips and pizza and remember being told they have fish in many a restaurant and I was even told they have chicken in one restaurant as that’s ‘not meat’. Of course now I can look back and laugh but at the time was horrified.

There are so many choices now for vegetarians its amazing how quickly it has come on so much, but what about vegans? Are the choices there, especially when out and about and do I need to re-mortgage my flat to cook the vegan recipes on the internet using ‘egg replacement’ powder and fresh, organic cashews only found in the furthest part of the Amazon rain forest? Are vegan’s the new vegetarians of the 90’s?

I hope to answer all this along my journey, find and make some amazing food, share this with others by hosting a series of pop up vegan restaurant nights and of course raise money for my chosen charity, Cancer Research – The link with this is the healthy diet advised with those going through treatment.

I started the day with a Nutribullet shake containing: coconut water, ginger, lemon, mango, spinach and Chia seeds which to be fair isn’t any different to pre Vegan month. Last night I chopped up Celery sticks, carrots, peppers and pitta. Made a humous dip and put all the food in containers ready to take to work with me today for lunch. I also made a Butternut squash soup, froze some for next week and put some in the fridge for the next couple of days. The 1st October being a Thursday means Matt will be working a late so I’m in on my own tonight. I am planning a simple pasta (shop bought but will try and make some by the end of the month) and spicy tomato sauce for dinner. Best not to run before I can walk!

I will add recipes I have used as I go along but being that this is quite a lengthy blog already, I will add the recipes for the hummus, soup and pasta sauce to the next one.

My blog will be updated as often as I can and hope all enjoy. Should you wish to contribute to the charity pot please go to